Vegan restaurant guide UK Including an interactive map of the best vegan hotspots

More and more of us are choosing a vegan lifestyle, which is great fun in the kitchen, but can still be difficult when eating out, especially on holiday. With over half a million people in the UK eating a plant-based diet, the trouble isn’t the lack of locations, it’s knowing where to look! We’ve put together our guide to finding vegan friendly gems wherever you happen to be in the UK.

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Brighton is known as the UK’s most liberal city and is home to a myriad of colourful sub-cultures and communities. It isn’t really a surprise that Brighton is a vegan paradise with Belgian, falafel, sushi and pizza options to name just a few. One of the best is Food for Friends with an exciting menu and perfect location close to the hustle and bustle of the lanes and sea front.


You’ll be spoilt for choice in Leeds with restaurants across the city and lots of vegan food at the annual Leeds Indie Food festival in May. For food, drinks and a chance to grab your groceries head to Eat Your Greens which caters for all your vegan needs. We’d also recommend Cantina, the first and only 100% vegan restaurant in Leeds, Rola Wala which has lots of vegan Indian street food and Ecco Pizzeria which has dairy-free mozzarella and lots of choice. For a sweet treat head to Temple Coffee and Donuts, you wont be disappointed.


If you like your food dirty you’ll love V-rev, they’ve got handmade beefy patties made from seitan and soy, fried chkn seitan and even offer vegan poutine (what’s poutine aboot? Gravy, cheez and crispy onions slathered on top of french fries). Simon Rimmer’s Greens opened in 1990 and is still a great spot for vegan food. You should also try Indian street food at Bundobust (they also have one in Leeds) or The Beach Hut which does amazing Caribbean vegan food!


Known for its beautiful beaches, Bournemouth is the perfect staycation for any vegan. Offering a wide range of vegan-friendly restaurants, you’ll be spoilt with choice. The Real Greek has a special vegan menu; highlights include jackfruit gyros and slow cooked jackfruit stifado!  If you’ve had a long hot day at the beach head to Lollipop Gelato LAB where you’ll find an amazing selection of dairy-free ice creams to choose from. The banana split looks ridiculous plus we’ve heard that they do the best gelato in town!


With a thriving vegan scene, Swindon is definitely worth a visit. We’ve heard that Eggelicious does awesome vegan food and has a couple of outlets in the town. If you’ve recently turned vegan you might have thought you’d never eat fish and chips again. However, Swindon is home to a unique fish and chip shop on Thames Avenue that offers a vegan night once a week, to cater to the growing vegan community. You’ll no longer have to give up your chippy favourites, but be warned there can be a long queue!

Dean Boni, the co-owner. Photo taken on 22/2/18 by Dave Cox.
Dean Boni, the co-owner. Photo taken on 22/2/18 by Dave Cox.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by Cambridge’s vegan scene. With a variety of restaurants, cafes and food stalls to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice. Stem+Glory offers a fantastic vegan selection, from cake and coffee to fine dining, there will always be something that suits your fancy. Treat yourself to a raw blueberry cheesecake or even a vegan gluten free lasagne. If you’re feeling flush you could splash out at Mid Summer House, it has two Michelin stars and offers stunning vegan food.


It’s definitely worth a visit to Norwich to treat yourself to vegan cocktails at The Tipsy Vegan. This vegan restaurant and cocktail bar offers a range of tasty snacks and meals along with a selection of cocktails, wines and local beers. Enjoy a Tequila Old Fashioned or a Spiced Apple Julep, the choice is endless. Our Norwich expert Flo also recommended Wild Thyme, Namaste India, The Workshop and The Greengrocers.

Truro, Cornwall

What could be more Cornish than a cream tea? For a vegan version of this classic head to The Cornish Vegan, home of delicious homemade, home-style vegan comfort food. If you want to try something a bit more sophisticated, we’ve got the place for you! Bustopher Jones restaurant in Truro offers a fine dining vegan experience. Here you can enjoy an amazing five course meal full of vegan delights. The delicious menu definitely proves that a plant-based diet is more than just eating carrots and hummus.

Plymouth, Devon

Fancy a traditional Chinese takeaway? The Imperial Garden in Plymouth, offers a vegan only menu. Offering animal-free alternatives to your favourite meaty classics you’ll find vegan chicken, duck and even squid made solely from veggies and nuts! Treat yourself to a duck chow mein – you won’t believe it’s vegan. Staying on the comfort food theme, why not head to Samphire Brasserie for their KFC bucket of vegan chicken, it is meant to be out of this world.


With over 100 vegan friendly places to choose from, Glasgow is the perfect place for any vegan traveller. We’ve got our sights set on Kind Crusts for their 100% vegan sandwiches, bagels, doughnuts and cakes! Excitingly Glasgow will soon be home to the UK’s first vegan only sweet shop. You will soon be able to eat all your favourite childhood sweets with a vegan twist, such as ‘Yer Bound Tae’ a coconut bar covered in chocolate or even ‘Snackurz’ a chocolate bar filled with nuts and caramel, yummy. If you prefer savoury treats head to Soy Division for their amazing full breakfast!


Cardiff is home to The Welsh Vegan Festival, offering over 70 stalls to choose from on the 19th and 20th May. However, if you miss their summer festival fear not, Cardiff has a blooming vegan scene, offering a range of vegan cafes and takeaways. One highlight is Anna Loka, we’d like to try everything on the menu, particularly the amazing sounding aubergine fillet stuffed with turmeric buckwheat, sunblushed tomatoes and kale crisps!


Greasy vegan junk food can be difficult to come across, but if you find yourself in Liverpool you won’t be disappointed! A vegan pub, The Caledonia, offers cruelty-free burgers, chicken wings, hot dogs and plenty more. You can also enjoy an all-day breakfast and a kids menu. For something healthier head to White Wolf Yoga, this award-winning yoga studio and vegan coffee shop will leave you feeling great!


Make No Bones in Sheffield is meant to be one of the best vegan places to eat in the entire country, with its seitan ribs slathered in BBQ sauce and beer battered avocado it isn’t hard to see why. If you have a love for cats and vegan food you’ll be excited to hear about Herbipaws, a new café which will offer mouth-watering vegan food with the company of some fury felines. Set to open in the coming months, this café will be showcasing a plant-based menu while rescuing homeless cats.


It won’t surprise you that good old London town has a veritable smorgasbord of vegan options. Some of our favourites include Mildreds which has four sites across the city, Tibbits which has two restaurants and Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden. For something quick and al fresco head to Borough Market and get yourself a v-bowl or burger from The Big V.

Vegan restaurant guide UK

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