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[dropcap]Weekday[/dropcap] blues? Here at Snaptrip we're beating them with some much needed prettiness and inspiration. As you know, we love cottages, and are dedicated in bringing you the snazziest of the bunch. And it just so happens that some of the most iconic cottages are from the big screen itself. So read on for our pick of the top 5 cottages from the movies and see how the silver screen lights up with a bit of rural lovin'.


Shell Cottage, from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Described in the book as a ‘lonely and beautiful place’ with whitewash walls encrusted in shells, Shell Cottage is designed as an unusual and magical dwelling. The cottage, built especially for the film, is a newlyweds paradise situated on the outskirts of Tinworth, Cornwall. In real life however, the set was constructed upon the picturesque Welsh coast, at the Freshwater West Beach within Pembrokeshire National Park.   


Limbury Cottage, from Tamara Drewe

This beautiful, detached cottage nestled in Dorset countryside appears as the fictional writers’ retreat in romantic comedy, Tamara Drewe. Stonefield, as it so named, sits in the scenic valley of Salwayash on the English Channel Coast. One character declares it paradise, and the surrounding nature develops as an unsurprising source of writerly inspiration for those within.  


Cottage at Cuckmere Haven, from Atonement

Robbie and Cecilia’s tragic, idyllic retreat. Posited right on the East Sussex coast at the mouth of the River Cuckmere, this landscape returns time and again in the narrative, used by Robbie as his motivation to make it through the war and one day live there with his beloved. Nominated for seven Oscars, Atonement brought worldwide attention to these coastguard cottages and the stunning limestone cliffs beyond.


The Honeymoon Cottage, from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

An aesthetically beautiful cottage, Bella’s honeymoon hide-out is a refurbished home designed for the star-crossed lovers of Stephanie Meyer’s infamous vampire series. It was built for the movie, presumed in Vancouver where most exterior scenes were shot, and is described as ‘tiny stone cottage, lavender gray in the light of the stars…’ It has ‘honeysuckle climbed up one wall’, ’a little path of flat stones’ and ‘a quaint arched wooden door,’ providing the oasis of romantic calm before the storm.


Rosehill Cottage, from The Holiday

Iris’ cottage from Christmas flick The Holiday is widely held as the most perfect of movie cottages. ‘Snuggle up by an old stone fireplace and enjoy a cup of cocoa,’ reads Iris’ advertisement, temping city-girl Amanda into vacationing there. Unfortunately not real, the cottage was built with wood and fibreglass in the space of a week, and is reportedly based on the real Slatters Cottage in the Cotswolds. The white railing bed with thick quilts, open fires in every room, mugs on hooks and snowy roof make this cottage the cosy destination of love.