Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays

Not only are the days getting longer and the weather improving, we have some extra time off to enjoy the great outdoors! Whether you’ve got an Easter-tastic bank holiday weekend to plan or a whole two weeks of Easter school holidays, we’ve got ideas to keep you entertained.

Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays
Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays

National Trust: Easter Egg Hunts

Bring the whole family together for fun and nature-filled discoveries as you spot the first signs of spring at your local National Trust Easter egg hunt. Follow bunny’s clues to finish your adventure with a delicious, chocolatey treat.

Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays

English Heritage: Easter Adventure Quest

If you like the idea of becoming a valiant adventurer this Easter weekend look no further! Join English Heritage on the hunt for legendary dragon eggs in 16 locations across England. You’ll be accompanied by an intrepid character from the past as you crack the clues and claim your chocolate reward.

Craft Events

Crafts, from baskets to Easter bonnets, are a lovely way to keep the kids entertained during the Easter holidays. Although you could get the craft paper and glue out at home, there are several events available across the UK. So the kids can get messy without you having to worry too much about the clean up. Why not make a traditional Easter bonnet and take part in a parade / competition?

Food Festivals

We all love indulging in delicious food at Easter; and where better to do this than at a Food Festival. Towns across the UK will be hosting an array of tasty treats over Easter weekend. Enjoy some of the country’s finest local produce, chocolates and beer.

Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays

Egg rolling

Egg rolling is a fun and simple traditional Easter game. All you need is a hard boiled egg each; preferably painted. Take you eggs to a short hill and throw them down the hill repeatedly until your egg cracks. See the map below for some traditional egg rolling hills.
Image by Fidiskye

Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays

Farm Events

Kids love a trip to the farm, and when better to go than at Easter. Farms across the UK are holding extra events this Easter including egg hunts, crafts, lamb feeding, a chance to hold a chick and face painting. All of this is in addition to the usual fun-filled farm activities.

Flower Events

Spring is here and the flowers are blossoming; make the most of the beautiful flowers around the UK this Easter. The map below gives away some the best spots to find gorgeous springtime blossom, or make the most of the plentiful supply and try your hand at flower arranging.

Wild Animals

Easter and springtime in general, is commonly associated with many young animals. So this year why not why not do some wildlife spotting of your own? It is a good time of year to spot both hares and rooks, so get your binoculars out and head into the great outdoors.

Throw a suitcase in the car and get away for a few days

There is nothing quite like a change of scene to refresh your mind, body and soul. With the frost melting away and the promise of new life breaking through this is a perfect time of year to explore a new part of the UK.

Map of activities in the UK this Easter weekend

Make sure you check opening times and prices with the venue before you set off on your adventure. If we’ve missed something great off the map please let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

Ultimate Guide to the Easter Holidays

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