Need a helping hand getting your kids to sleep?


Try our collection of ‘Sleep Sprays’ and sleep struggle-busting tips

Data shows that a quarter of children under the age of five don’t get an adequate amount of sleep¹, a worrying trend as it is vital that children sleep well at night. Any parent will know that a child who is short on sleep can switch from grumpy to hyperactive in seconds, with lack of rest also affecting their attention span, academic performance and mental health¹. 

Well, we’re happy to say that we’re here to help!

We want to assist parents in helping their children to feel comfortable falling asleep wherever they are, and getting rid of those pesky nighttime fears - whether that’s a scary-shaped shadow in their bedroom, or loud noises outside.

With that in mind, we have created a special collection of ‘Sleep Sprays’; four repellents to spray around the house - whether at home or away - to keep the nightmares at bay, helping little ones around the UK get a good night’s sleep.

Ready to beat those sleep demons?

These bespoke labels are free for parents to download, and can be printed and attached to any household spray bottle. The Sleep Sprays on offer are:


Nightmare Nabber


Safe and Sound


Just Like Home


Happy Thoughts


Ready to beat those sleep demons? It’s a fine art, but don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide for children and adults to follow…

  1. Nightmare Nabber

  2. Safe and Sound

  3. Just Like Home

  4. Happy Thoughts



Preparing your Sleep Spray:


1. Grab an empty spray bottle and remove any existing labels.

2. Fill the bottle with water, and your chosen secret ingredient (keep scrolling to reveal the secret ingredient for each spray). 

3. Download your preferred label, print it off and cut it down to size.

4. Stick the label to your empty spray bottle - and you’re ready to go!


Directions for use:


1. Sleep Sprays must be used under the supervision of a parent or guardian - never fight sleep monsters alone!

2. Hold your Sleep Spray with an outstretched arm, approximately 30cm (the length of one ruler) away from you

3. Two sprays should be enough for a full 12 hours of sleep, but an extra one for luck never hurts!

4. Ask Mum or Dad to confirm the Sleep Spray has worked

5. Sleep well, knowing that you nothing will disturb your peaceful night ahead



Now for the secret ingredients! (You can also just use water if you’d prefer):


1. Nightmare Nabber

Chilli powder and salt are big no-nos for nightmares. Add a small sprinkle of it to your water spray and watch it nab those nightmares! 


2. Safe and Sound

Add a drop or two of lavender or vanilla to help you instantly feel calm and relaxed, ready for sleep.


3. Just Like Home

Add a drop or two of Mum or Dad’s perfume or aftershave (with their permission!) to the water so it’s like they’re right next to you all night.


4. Happy Thoughts

A squeeze of lemon, grapefruit or another citrus fruit will help welcome in happy thoughts of all your favourite things.



Aides like our ‘Sleep Sprays’ are just one way that parents can help their little ones settle down for the night. It can be a challenge for children to feel comfortable at bedtime, especially if they are in an unfamiliar place. 


With this in mind, we have also partnered with a sleep expert to give parents all the tools they need for a good night’s sleep, at home or away.


Charlotte Inskip, sleep expert at The Holistic Sleep Mama, comments:


“Something that is often overlooked when it comes to sleep, is that children cannot fall asleep if they do not feel safe. This is why it’s so important for children to feel comfortable and settled in their environment before bed time, made harder by being in an unfamiliar place. 


“Thankfully, there are plenty of things parents can do to help their children get a good night’s sleep, whether they’re at home or in an unfamiliar place, such as on holiday:


1. Maintain your child’s sleep schedule

This includes keeping naps on track if your child needs them, and sticking to the same bedtime if you can, but don’t worry if you stray from your usual timings. It’s more important to maintain the usual bedtime routine in the typical order of elements e.g. bath, pyjamas, book, where possible, as it will be more familiar and reassuring for children leading up to bedtime.


2. Turn off technology

It’s easy to get into the habit of watching television as a family before the kids head off to bed, but technology and sleep don’t belong together. Just as it does for adults, technology will keep your child’s mind running, while blue light can suppress the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin and make it harder for children to fall asleep initially. Aim to remove screens such as tablets at least two hours before bedtime, and swap sitting in front of the TV for story time instead.


3. Bring along some home comforts

Heading away on holiday is exciting, but once that excitement wears off, children can often feel uncomfortable in a new bed and bedroom. Packing some home comforts can make the transition much easier, especially for younger children. Your child’s favourite teddy, their bedding from home or a beloved blanket or great options to help them feel at home away from home.


4. Fill up their ‘love tank’

Children fall asleep easier, and sleep better, when they feel safe. One of the ways to do that is to renew your bond with your child at the end of each day. The time spent before bedtime is key for providing quality connection time and filling up children’s ‘love tanks’ so that they feel safe and secure enough to drift off to sleep.




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