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Where to try winter sports in the UK

The 2018 winter olympics are being held this February in PyeongChang in South Korea, a trifling 5500 miles from the UK… Fortunately if you want to get involved and begin your journey to being a olympian of the winter variety you have lots of options here in the UK.

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Where can I try alpine skiing in the UK?

We might be 100s of miles away from the Alps but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the skiing action. For the real deal, head up to Scotland. There are 5 ski resorts here; offering the best outside skiing in the UK. Edinburgh also has the longest dry ski slope in Europe! If you want to try out something tamer first there are numerous dry slopes and snow domes dotted across the Uk where you can have lessons and learn the basics. There are even a few small ski resorts in the north of England as you’ll see on our map below.

Where can I try bobsleigh in the UK?

Bobsleigh is an exciting sport, but admittedly one that isn’t so well suited to the UK’s weather. However, if the winter Olympics have inspired you there is still a way you can give this daredevil sport a go. There is a push track in Bath (the only one of its kind in England) and you can take part in a taster session here. There will even be current GB athletes on hand to give you help and advice throughout the session. 

Where can I try cross country skiing in the UK?

Despite the distinct lack of snow in many parts of the UK, you can still give cross-country skiing a whirl. A very different beast to alpine skiing, cross-country skiing is closely replicated in the UK by roller skiing. There are several clubs in the UK where you can try out this fun sport. If you get really into it but don’t want to head out to the alps there are even roller skiing competitions you can try.

Where can I try curling in the UK?

Curling took the UK by storm during the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver. If you want to try your hand at this winter spot, your best bet is to head up to Scotland; there are 22 rinks with curling facilities. In England, there is one dedicated rink which can be found in Kent. 

Where can I try figure skating in the UK?

The elegance and agility of figure skating is inspiring to watch. If the grace of the Olympic stars has you wishing you could skate even half as good as them, well you’re in luck. Although often synonymous with Christmas celebrations, there are many more than these temporary rinks dotted across the UK; if you know where to look. Check out the map at the bottom of this page for your local rink, and then brush up you skills with lessons from Skate UK.

Where can I try freestyle skiing in the UK?

Freestyle skiing events display an impressive level of skill and agility. If this has inspired you to hit the slopes, but you can’t travel hundreds of miles to the alps, then there are places in the UK where you can hone your skills. Some dry slopes have moguls or quarter pipes that you can try, or head up to one of Scotland’s 5 ski resorts. Lots of the Team GB athletes started out on dry slopes and now win international competitions, so don’t let a lack of snow put you off!

Where can I try ice hockey in the UK?

Ice hockey is an excellent team sport to watch. It is also a fast-paced and fun sport to play recreationally. If you want to give it a go, check out the map at the bottom of the page for ice hockey rinks across the UK. If you need to brush up your skating skills first, there are lessons by Skate UK which can give you a helping hand. 

Where can I try luge in the UK?

Luge is an an exhilarating sport and a modern adaption of one of the oldest winter activities. It isn’t particularly well suited to the UK climate but if you have been inspired make sure you take a trip to Manchester. The Chill Factor-e has a dedicated luge facility. It’s not as long as the real deal but should give you a taste for this exciting sport. 

Where can I try speed skating in the UK?

Speed skating is a fast paced and nail-biting event to watch. If this has got to tempted then there are numerous ice rinks you can enjoy across the UK. Although you can stumble around and find your feet on your own, there are also lessons you can take through Skate UK which will have you whizzing around in no time. 

Where can I try skeleton in the UK?

Skeleton is an adrenaline fuelled sport. There is not a full skeleton track in the UK, but if you are curious and want to five this exciting sport a go, don’t be disheartened. In Bath there is a push track where you can see what it’s like to sprint off and leap onto a skeleton bob.

Where can I try ski jumping in the UK?

Ski jumping looks gravity defying to watch, and it takes plenty of courage to give this daring sport a go. Whether you have been inspired by Eddie the Eagle or the Olympics, we would understand why you might want to try your hand at flying through the air on skis. However, currently there is no provision for ski jumping in the UK. You can practice your general skiing skills on one of the many UK slopes, but after that you would need to head out to the alps. 

Where can I try snowboarding in the UK?

The UK might not be well known for its snowy mountains but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to snowboard, or brush up existing skills. There are dry slopes and snow domes dotted across the UK where you can take lessons and practice. If you want to venture outdoors there are 5 ski resorts in Scotland, but do check the snow conditions before you go. 

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