A Day out in Hull

And why, you may ask, are we going to Hull? Because Hull is the 2017 UK City Culture – that’s why! Last held by the northern Irish city of Derry~Londonderry in 2013, this year, the title has finally moved to England, to the wholesome North East. Transformed almost beyond recognition, Hull has a whole itinerary of fantastic events, instillations, exhibitions and workshops. It’s all getting very artsy in the east, so here’s how to have a jam-packed day in the city itself…

Breakfast 🍳

Spying out across the bobbing boats of Hull Marina, retro-heaven Thieving Harry’s is the place for a tip-top breakfast experience. From their excellent sourdough bread to the perfectly running eggs, well seasoned guacamole and delicate smoked salmon – Thieving Harry’s have it all. It might not be open on Mondays, but it does open late on Friday and Saturday’s for night of grilled cheese sandwiches, bohemian vibes and local bottled beer to wash the whole thing down.

Get physical 🏃

… with a run across the iconic Humber Bridge! What better way to experience what was once the longest suspension bridge in the world. For the slightly less active but infinitely more patient Hull visitors out there, there’s a snazzy new lift system in the works for 2017 that’ll take you on a 155-metre high ascent to the top of the north tower. Either way, the Humber Bridge is an impressive sight to behold.

Humber bridge

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Take a dive 🐠

At Hull’s best loved attraction The Deep, you can meet some VIP penguins, be enticed by stunning shark and sting ray displays, and enjoy the interactive games, all in one place. You can watch the fish swim above your heads in the glass tunnel and take the lift all the way to the top – a highlight of any trip to the Deep. Oh, and make you sure time your visit with feeding time so you can watch the divers at work!

Lunch 🍕

Now for lunch, you’ve got a choice (we’re good like that). First up is the Hull institution, the Hull Pie. An award winning bakery, Hull Pie is a local favourite serving up delicious, homely pies at three different locations in the city. Grab it in a takeaway box complete with gravy, chips or peas and take it on your merry way. If you’re after more of a sit-down affair, head to the well loved and equally quirky Lion & Key, home to a ceiling made of beer mats and a superb pub lunch – from classic fish and chips to a hearty beef curry, you’ll be full up ready for more sight seeing.

The perfect end to a weekend away is not having to cook! @thehullpie #hullpie #hullpie2

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The best fish and chips in all of England. Trust me. #uk #fishandhips

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Art attack 🎨

In recognition of Hull’s extensive art instillations and gallery exhibitions as part of its 2017 culture-celebration, we thought it only right to include one of their best galleries: the Ferens Art Gallery. At Ferens, you’ll be exposed to a walk through history as you travel gallery by gallery through the Renaissance, onto Eighteenth Century Europe, swiftly through the Victorian era and into Early Twentieth-Century British Art, before finishing with modern and contemporary portraits. And make sure to catch the Open Exhibition, showcasing works of local artists from Saturday 21st January 2017 to the 12th of March.

A breath of fresh air 🍃

Nope, not the marina – we’re talking about the glorious East Park. Hull’s largest park, this particular spot of greenland opened to the public way back in 1887 and has been bringing in the nature-seekers for long strolls and a hot tea in the cafe. With an outdoor gym, children’s playgrounds, an animal education centre and boating lake – there’s no way you’ll get bored burning a few hours of the late afternoon sun at this beautiful park.

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A walk through history ⛪️

Down the narrow cobbled streets you can hop between the varying eras of architecture and revel in the oh-so quaint vibes of Hull’s Old Town. A great high street destination, it’s home to the Trinity Indoor Market – the perfect place to bag an antique – and St Stephen’s Shopping Centre. But beside the commercial delights, it’s also jam-packed with museums, principally the Streetlife Museum of Transport where you can walk down a recreated 1940’s high street and board one of the infamous trams. Before you go, don’t forget to hit up the Holy Trinity Church – a beautiful building near the museum quarter.

Dinner 🍾

To round out a fabulous day, you deserve a fabulous meal. Option #1) Pub grub. But really, really good pub grub. You’ll find it at the classy Duke of York, rated the number 1 eatery in Hull. We recommend starting things off with the runny scotch egg, then onto a steak served sizzling on the rock, followed by any of dessert – they’re all equally drool-worthy! Option #2) Some Marina magic at 1884 Dock Street Kitchen. It’s a slightly pricey affair, and going for the set menu might save you some pennies, but well worth it for the often exquisitely presented dishes. We recommend the wood pigeon with a loving side of garlic mash.

Perfect way to end the weekend! 😍

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Lovely Dinner 🍽🍾😘#NiceFood#GreatWine#LovingHull

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