The most popular British staycations of 2019 revealed 


70 years ago Staycations used to be the only way Brits could go on holiday, then international travel became more accessible and affordable, and so the general public hopped on a plane to go on vacation. 

Now, the trend to holiday in the UK has come back around, with a recent study finding over half of 25 to 34-year-olds plan to increase their British vacations, and a third planned to spend more holiday time in the UK in 2019 compared to previous years*. 

Staycations are an effective way to help lower the ever-creeping cost of going on holiday, not to mention they’re more convenient for a lot of travellers. You don’t have to consider flight prices, airport car parks, transfers, buying foreign currency or visas, so it’s no wonder they are rising in popularity again.

As a country, the UK has a lot to offer in terms of holiday destinations, with areas of outstanding beauty like the Peak District, and our protected coastlines attracting millions of international tourists every year. 

With that in mind, we decided to look at our booking and traffic data to find out which staycation destinations were the most popular in 2019, along with the average price of a 3-night stay in each area.

1. Whitby – £490

2. Tenby – £576

3. Anglesey – £495

4. York – £480

5. Dyfed (Pembrokeshire) – £455

6.  Keswick – £592

7. St Ives – £596

8. Isle of Wight – £470

9. Newquay – £494

10. Skegness – £341

Some may be surprised to learn that traditional British holiday destinations like Cornwall or Devon aren’t the most popular, in fact North Yorkshire and Wales emerged as top destinations this year – with the top three staycation destinations all located in these areas. 

Whitby was the most booked holiday spot of 2019, which isn’t actually surprising considering it’s a historic town surrounded by picturesque countryside and shores, and costs 8% less than the national average of a 3-night break, which is £528.

What’s clear from our data is that over the last couple of years, the north of England has emerged as a top British holiday destination, with holidaymakers opting for areas like Cumbria and Yorkshire rather than southern vacation spots like Newquay, St.Ives and Weymouth. 

We also thought we would celebrate the amazing holiday lets that facilitate British staycations, and so have put together a list of the most booked properties of 2019.

Most booked properties

The Potting Shed – Staffordshire Moorlands

Lovers’ Lodge – Powys

The Roundhouse – Bude-Stratton 

Ysgubor Nantcoy – Ceredigion

The Sherwood Hideaway Lodges – Newark and Sherwood District

Number 42 – Rottingdean 

Easthorpe Retreat – Stanway

Little Barn – Conwy

Tyncoed – Powys 

Farriers – Staffordshire Moorlands

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of Snaptrip, said,

“The United Kingdom is the home to some truly beautiful destinations, there really is no reason to not go and explore more of it. Some might be surprised that Whitby is yet again the most popular staycation destination, many think of the Lake District or Cornwall when they think of ‘British holiday’, but there’s a real emerging trend for holidaying in the North East – it’s got some of the most breathtaking scenery our country has to offer, and it’s quite a bit cheaper!

“It’s clear that staycations are going to continue to grow in popularity, which might be down to the rising price of holidaying abroad, uncertainty around Brexit or people simply discovering the amazing spots our country has to offer. Either way, domestic holiday let companies and owners are certainly enjoying the boost in business.”