Cheapest Christmas staycations for families and couples revealed


It might be the most wonderful time of the year but it is, of course, one of the most expensive. We all want to give our loved ones the best time, so how can we do that without breaking the bank?

Staycations are one way to help lower the ever-creeping costs of holidays during the festive season, so it’s no wonder that they are rising in popularity. In fact, a report published by CWT and GBTA has found that the cost of air travel, hotels and ground transport is set to rise for a second consecutive year.  

Last year the 2019 Global Travel Forecast, which reviewed data from more than 60 countries to determine travel industry trends, predicted a 2.6% rise in the cost of air travel, and a 3.7% rise for hotels. Unfortunately not much is changing next year, with it reporting further price increases for flights, hotels and rental cars. 

With that in mind, we analysed our internal data to reveal the top ten cheapest regions for families and couples to go on holiday around the UK during the festive season*:


  1. Tyne and Wear – £190
  2. South Lanarkshire – £253
  3. Cambridgeshire – £306
  4. Durham – £310
  5. Nottinghamshire – £311
  6. Leicestershire – £313
  7. Scottish Borders – £319
  8. Clwyd – £325
  9. County Tyrone – £327
  10. Derbyshire – £327



  1. Leicestershire – £324
  2. Surrey – £353
  3. South Yorkshire – £378
  4. Nottinghamshire – £386
  5. Wiltshire – £391
  6. Angus – £395
  7. Scottish Borders – £396
  8. Gwent – £398
  9. Staffordshire – £398
  10. Derbyshire – £401


Our internal data also found that the average cost of a family holiday in the UK is £768 for a week, £528 for a mid-week break (Monday-Thursday) and £398 for a weekend.

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of Snaptrip, said,

“Christmas is such an expensive time. It can be a fantastic experience jetting off on a Christmas break, but for many people – large families or couples trying to save for example – going on holiday abroad can be a very expensive venture. Which is why we’ve released a list of the cheapest regions for Brits to holiday in the UK during the festive season.

“Our main aim at Snaptrip is to help our customers find the best holiday at the best price, and considering that international travel is set to rise for yet another year, we hope this list will be a helpful guide for couples and families looking to book a staycation.”

*All prices are based on one week stays.